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The Witchy Mommy Tips On Becoming a Witch

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There are those guys who have always adored witchcraft and wanted that someday they will become witches. Or, there are those who have always wondered how one can become a witch. It is not difficult to become a witch. It just takes some steps and tips, and there you become a witch. The problem is that these tips are known to only a few people and that is why I will help you in this article by giving you those tips necessary for you to learn witchcraft with these courses and become the witch you desire and as well educate those who have always wondered how one becomes a witch.

First, you should know that you do not need anyone to make you a witch. There is that tradition of going to study for like a year before committing yourself to the witchcraft, but that is not really required. You can become a witch even before that time elapses. You just need to dedicate yourself, and you do not need anyone to approve you. You should read for example “Drawing down the moon” written by Margot Adler who herself was a witch and puts clear about the myths that have been made about witchcraft. You should make sure to start small. Just use what is already in your hand. You will eventually advance with time, but in order to become that great witch you desire; you need to start small.

It is good to have other experienced witches whom you can ask questions and learn different things from. You do not need a bunch of herbs and other things to magic. You just need yourself. You can make things like spell jars from bottles which have been recycled and decorate the altar with things like rocks from your yard. You should not take the pressure to look witchy; the most important thing is that you are already witchy. You should as well remember to have your progress noted down in a book that you alone can see. This is helpful as you get to know where you are currently and what you are going to do next.

You do not necessarily have to know everything. Knowing everything is not something that you should be struggling with as there is no good in that since even those who don’t know something can just run up google search and find the same or even more information than yours. Getting to identify and understand things without making a reference will happen later when you continue practicing just, as they say, practice makes perfect. For more information, click on this link: